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About iPhone vs DROID

November 9, 2009

Now that the Motorola DROID featuring Google’s newest mobile operating system: “Android 2.0” is launched by Verizon, and unless you live in a cave,  you will no doubt  come across a DROID review and/or an “iPhone vs DROID” article, same happened to me, I’ve read a multitude of news feeds, blog posts and journal articles about the subject, unfortunately, the vast majority of em are biased or at least equivocal to an extent where they become confusing and unsatisfying.

Having used both as of now and knowing that both have practically the same computing power (they both use the same micro chip) and proportions, i can honestly state the following facts :


Pros over DROID:

+ The best thing ever to happen in this last decade, at least thats what i think of it, whether you own one or not and whether you like it or not, Apple has changed the way the web is browsed and the way cell phones are meant to be used, with an explosive amount of Apps and with a revolutionary device which appeals both to high tech junkies and to girlies who like cool fluffy things, Apple entered history as an innovative corporate which doesn’t only make eye candy useless things but which makes high tech useful gadgets loved by all.

+ Slim and cool design appeals to almost everyone out there.

+ Outstanding number of apps (100000+).

+ Unrivaled multi touch functionality.

+ Ease of use and familiarity for the millions who already used an iPod or an iPode touch.

Cons vs DROID:

Apple dictatorship and heavy unexplained censorship both on the App store and on the way users can manage their own files on their own device (iPhone).

iTunes  ** some like it (maybe because they don’t know of / not provided with any alternative !) but the majority hate it and they are free to do so and deserve something better or other alternatives.

AT&T weak and slow 3G network, many people i personally know reported that the 3G network at AT&T is inconsistent, i have also read that AT&T will switch you to their regualr network if their 3G is busy.


Pros over iPhone:

+ The most striking feature is the DROID’s high resolution screen (almost twice the rso;ution of the iPhone), web browsing get much clearer and much easier.

+ Uncensored app store: as Google does not dictate who’s app is worthy and who’s app is not. developers will make whatever they think is a good idea, they will singn their work electronically and either offer their software(app) for free or for a price, they will also be responsible for copyright infrangement and other legal issues, only the offer and demand would dictate who stays and who goes as in any free market.

+ 5MP camera, although the original camera software is slow and having a hard time focusing the camera on close objects, the piece of hardware itself is one of the best you can get on a cell phone, with a led flash, its a winning feature, lets just hope for a better shooting app soon. oh, and the video recording is very descent.

+ A real physical keyboard, we can argue for a long time about software/touch keyboard a la iPhone vs physical keyboard a la HTC but at the end, having both of them is a win win situation, im no fan of the physical keyboard myself and i wish the DROID opted for sliminess instead of a physical keyboard, but pleasing both sides is a nothing short of a smart idea. Now if you are wondering which touch keyboard is better, the iPhone’s or the DROID’s, my wife who owned an iPhone since the first 3G generation said that they felt the same to her, also i think it is worth mentioning that soon they could be a multitude of different virtual keyboard available as apps for all tastes and colors…

+ Google goodies: with a top notch turn by turn navigation system powered by no other than the supreme Google maps, this is a feature that no other phone can even dream of, as a matter of fact, the navigation in the DROID is ages better than all the commercial apps/GPSs from Garmin and Tomtom. When it comes to GPS navigation, and as of today, the DROID is the ultimate device ! and its FREE !, leaving everything else in the dust… Google is also equipping the DROID with many other free apps like “Listen” (podcast search) and the controversial Google voice that Apple banished from its iPhone a few months ago.

Cons vs iPhone:

Sticky screen : yes, nobody ever mentioned this, my finger always felt some resistance when touching the DROID’s screen for scrolling and paging a la iPhone, its like the screen was made for taps but not slides and finger scrolls, after putting a protective slice of plastic that i bought for $12.99, i was still experiencing the same problem, actually this is a big and annoying  issue especially for those who are used to iPhones, i personally tried my wifes iPhone both with and without a protective layer, and the touch felt much smoother and resistance free than on the DROID.

Edgy shape: i personally love the DROID’s rectangular and edgy shape, however, i know for a fact that im not the majority nor do i represent it, many critics claimed that the DROID is a “manly” device, and i agree, i know of many woman who actually preferred the HTC Droid Eris over the Motorola DROID because the Eris is more softer on the edges, lighter and slimmer…  so why loose audience in a highly competitive market? Motorola could have made two versions available or something like that, after all, its just a shape change isn’t it?

Way less Apps in the Market/App store. Yes, we all know that the ANDROID platform is newer than the iPhone and therefore needs more time to mature and have as many Apps as its nemesis, but for comparing apples to apples and for the sake of staying objective, if you get the DROID today, you will no doubt get a lot of apps, almost for everything, but still wont come even close to what the app store on the iPhone has to offer.

Camera having hard time focusing especially on close up objects, (waiting on a better app and hoping its not a hardware fault !)


DROID wins but not by much (at least not as much as i expected), with everything taken in consideration, the DROID wins because of its high resolution screen, the blazing consistently fast 3G network of Verizon wireless and because of its platform openness.

if the iPhone was on Verizon too, then it would have been a tie.

if Apple would have opted for an open platform, and have given its users another way of managing their files other than iTunes,  then the iPhone would have been the winner no doubt. because besides the large screen and the GPS Nav, the DROID would have had nothing more to compete with and wold have had 3 years of app development to catch up on…

who should buy what ?

both devices are top notch, and honestly, one must look very hard in order to find any faults to complain about in any of em…

you are a winner either way,

Get an iPhone if:

* you already own one (stick with it unless your contract is over and you really wanna change)

*love the way an iPod works, and love iTunes and/ dont know any better way to transfer your files to/from your device

*you love Apple’s way of dealing with things and you love their products.

* need a GSM device

*looking for ease of use and user friendliness

*looking for the best looking device out there

Get the DROID if:

*you really hate iTunes and prefer copy paste using simple USB instead (like me).

*need a consistent fast 3G network.

*love the high resolution screens.

*need a physical qwerty keyboard.

*want Google Voice and FREE high quality GPS Navigation

*you are on Verizon network and have been waiting for an iPhone caliber phone to arrive.

Is the DROID an iPhone killer?

Absolutely not, the iPhone ravaged all the other phones (Blackberries, Palms, Windows based etc…) for the last 3 years because it was twice as fast, useful and better than any one of them.

an iPhone killer should be at least twice as good as the iPhone, the DROID is great but not twice as better as the iPhone.

i think they will both coalesque for a while and keep shaping up the web-mobile relationship,  it is always good to remember that it was the iPhone who pushed Motorola and HTC to make competitive phones such as the Hero, HD and now the DROID and the Eris,  this latest one is simply pushing back Apple, and who knows maybe in a few months we will get an iPhone 2 which will dwarf all the previous phones and claim air wave dominance again for Apple for another 3 years?

after all, competition is whats really good for us, users…


About Battlestar Gallactica

October 30, 2009
The ending sucks, totally sucks, i enjoyed every single minute BUT the last episode. as i see it, all of a sudden an admiral went into suicide mode, throwing a whole fleet into the sun, destroying tens of thousands of years of civilization and technology while having active foes roaming freely in space. that was the most stupid thing ever made in anything i watched. furthermore, that was a tactical mistake that even a navy new recruit wouldn’t make.

I dont know what happened exactly but it looks like somebody got tired and wanted to end that series quickly, why didn’t they take their time and finished it correctly? after all it was one of the most watched series worldwide ! and i dont believe budget was one of their concerns. or was it?
i just can’t seem to find a reasonable explanation for what happened with this series…