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Mass effect 2 : an unbiased full review

February 11, 2010

When i look for game reviews, i look for a straight forward conclusion first, i go ahead and read details only if i choose to later, most reviewers always keep talking nonsense for the first two pages and go into irrelevant,almost-guide-like details maybe to get more google ads exposure etc…

This review will be straight to the point, and will be from a point of view of a veteran gamer made for veteran gamers, if you are new to video games or play casually, this will probably make no sense to you and you will probably think it is harsh, but you should know later on that this is not. Also in this review, i will try not to repeat what has already been said millions of times on hundreds of reviews…

First of all, lets define things and call them what they are :

1- Cinematic and cut scenes have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with an RPG game, especially with the RP part of it.

2-even if cinematics and cut scenes are greate, they still have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the value of an RPG.

that being said, Mass effect 2 has indeed outstanding cut scenes, an excellent story but an almost non existent RPG value, why is it still called ab RPG? i have no idea, and i am surprises that most if not all professional reviewers missed such a huge point.


+ Excellent production values, outstanding cut scenes, voice acting etc… Hollywood box office worthy.

+ stable, the game have very few to no hick ups at all, impressive for such a large title.

+ superb storyline and unique characters


NO, Zero, Nada, Zilch RPG value, characters are non customizable, relevant items can be counted on fingers. Mass effect 2 has almost no customization, both your armor and weapon choices are as limited as in any FPS, actually, many FPS and Action games have a better customization than ME2.

Exploration is pathetic, you have a ship and a crew but cant fight nobody unless there is a story? why not put random mobs on random planets?

Linear closed world, you can only go in one and only direction?! what happened to the open world idea?

no more driving and vehicle combat? is this an upgrade or a nurf?

PC Version Specifics:

Once again, the PC versions gets dumbed down thanks to the console’s hardware limits and Bioware is giving PC owners a strong message of  “we really don’t care much about you guys” in form of a mod-less title with very average textures and with very limited body meshes. The PC version could have easily been a mega hit if it was :

– moddable

-with an open world

-with vehicle combat

-with larger squad

-with better textures / graphics

but unfortunately it is not the case, im wondering why is this a different game? to me it felt like an expansion or a DLC that added some features and subtracted other features like vehicles etc…

the PC version is important because it gives an extra life span to the title, even if you play the console version, it is always a crisp sweet idea that you can revisit your game on the moddable PC version where you can experiment with a lot of new content. an accurate example would be comparing ME1 to Dragon Age Origins, while the first one is long dead and buried, DAO has an alive and growing online community of players, modders and enthusiasts who are still getting creative by adding new stuff day after day.

i see a lot of people screaming “how a great is ME2” and i agree, ME2 is indeed a great action title that shouldn’t be missed, but lets not forget that ME2 could have been 10x better as it is right now if Bioware gave its RPG part what it deserves, they could have just made it as good as any average RPG out there and it could have added a lot to the game, also, they could have given the PC version a little more love and less indifference by making it moddable, open worlded and better looking.

to be continued…