About video games reviews

Briefly and without going into useless details, among many others, i feel that video games reviewing sites are getting biased more and more, you can read any major title review on any major website to see that most of the review text is some kind of a set of forced fabricated sentences only worthy to be on a tv add instead of a review, take for example call of duty modern warfare 2, the game is no doubt good, but for PC gamers it was mostly a downgrade from what they had 3 years ago ! yet, it got the same score of 9+ out of ten almost all over the specialized web sites (IGN.com etc…) save a few like gamespot.com who actually gave it a 8.5

In order to not be one of those who just surface to complain before returning to the abyss of silence again, i decided to at least try and make some difference by writing my own reviews, obviously im not gonna be able to write a review for each game out there myself, but i will no doubt write at least one for every major game as i consider myself a very mainstream gamer.


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