About The PC vs Console dilemma

In recent years, the gap and rupture between PC and consoles as gaming platforms have grown even bigger and more complicated than ever.

as i mentioned earlier about modern warfare 2 (MW2), this game is a perfect example in this context, MW2 was (is still) no doubt an outstanding game on consoles (PS3 and XBox360) however, on the PC platform, the game is technically not only outdated but also a rollback for the genre altogether !

more than 3 years ago, PC gamers enjoyed (and still enjoying) Battle Field 2 (as an example) , an online military shooter where players can have their own dedicated servers and where they can compete on teams of 32 vs 32 . yes that was more than 3 years ago.

MW2 does not allow dedicated servers and limits the online experience to only 9 vs 9 – which is, and from a PC player perspective nothing short of pathetic.

yes, the game sold a plethora of copies even on the PC platform and thats of course because besides those technical limitations, the game is a great deal of action coupled with a lot of controversy…  which makes almost everyone wanna try it no matter what and even if he knows that he will only play it for a few days…

video games specialized websites like IGN.com have done a very poor job in this area, they gave MW2 an almost perfect score on consoles (9.5) which is allegedly well deserved, but surprisingly gave it the same score on PC which was a shock to almost all PC players without exceptions.

for consoles, MW2 was a leap forward in every aspect, but for PCs it was as i said before, a leap backward technically and the graphics were very average (many many PC title look much better),  for a PC gamer, the only part worth playing in MW2 was the single player controversial  campaign, the multi player part could impress a young PC gamer, but for veterans who actually played hardcore online shooter like BF2, MW2 was not to consider.


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