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About Battlestar Gallactica

October 30, 2009
The ending sucks, totally sucks, i enjoyed every single minute BUT the last episode. as i see it, all of a sudden an admiral went into suicide mode, throwing a whole fleet into the sun, destroying tens of thousands of years of civilization and technology while having active foes roaming freely in space. that was the most stupid thing ever made in anything i watched. furthermore, that was a tactical mistake that even a navy new recruit wouldn’t make.

I dont know what happened exactly but it looks like somebody got tired and wanted to end that series quickly, why didn’t they take their time and finished it correctly? after all it was one of the most watched series worldwide ! and i dont believe budget was one of their concerns. or was it?
i just can’t seem to find a reasonable explanation for what happened with this series…

About PC vs Mac

October 30, 2009

Those commercials were kind of funny at first, i personally love that guy, however, they have gotten a bit lame later on… and by force of repetition… i wish they stoped while they were still fresh.
so basically the guy is saying that a PC is not the way to go by stressing on : “i’m a PC, buy me cause im better now and take my word for it. ” while showing how PCs are known to have many issues like freezing, viruses etc…
but what is kind of funnier is that the commercial is doing the same thing in favore of Apple : “dont by a PC for the reasons mensionned above, buy a mac instead and take our word for it !”
the matter of the fact is, both PCs and Macs have their problems, both have viruses and both can do basic stuff like email and imaging etc…

The main difference is that the whole PC system (since the eaarliest IBM compatibles) was found on an open structrure, where you can pick and choose all your computer components one by one and where many companies are competing for your hard earned money. Both Windows and Linux are made with that in mind.
The widespread use of PCs also makes them more vulnerable to malware, viruses, trojans, worms, spywares, spams etc… there are thousands and thousands of dedicated hackers all around the world who are trying to / hacking PCs for reasons that vary from making cash for a living to braging rights…

Apple on the other hand has a diffrent approach, they limit your problems by limiting your options. every software or hardware must have the Apple corporation benediction in order to be used on a Mac (a la iPhone), and for that reason Macs tend to have less hardware problems (freezes) etc… even though macs have their fair share of viruses  (contrary to the popular thought that they don’t since macOS is unix based), but still, they are indeed much secure than PCs, thats a fact, and another related fact is that it is mainly because of the low usage of Macs in corporate servers and offices which makes hackers uninterested. With that being said, any comparision attempt would be illogical and every drawn conclusion would be false or at least incomplete.

So at the end, it all burns down to a personal choice, i myself for example will never use a Mac unless it is as open as a PC which will make it basically a PC, i enjoy building my own machine and choosing every single part from the motherboard to the screen and i love having dozens of possibilities to chose from for each part. i love using 3rd party software, and i love upgrading my machine part by part and as I see it, not as Apple corp sees it, i love to buy and use independant (indy) games and software and im tired of corps telling me what i should use and what i shouldn’t. In other words, my PC grants me a freedom that a Mac wont, yes, that freedom comes at a risk, a risk of viruses and hardware drivers compatibility problems, but thats a risk im aware of and that i am willing to gladlly take. If i didn’t care much about all of that, and my only consern was basic computer usage, then i will most likely give a Mac a try.
Going back one last time to the commercial(s), i think it really represents how Apple sees its Macs,  i watch it and i see an average guy/ Mr everybody saying “im a PC” and a cool looking well dressed guy saying “i’m a Mac” the first guy trys to do something and freezes and the cool guy does the “i dont do that attitude” the way i see it, is that at least the PC was trying to do something while it froze, while the Mac was not doing anything and did not freeze. and i think that could be projected perfectly on reality, PCs do a lot of stuff while Macs are just sitting there and looking cool…
i dont know if they intended that, but as a practical person, that commercial does not encougrage me to get a Mac.